Dave Ford

My name is Dave Ford I am 74 years of age and, at the beginning of 2012 underwent back surgery at Sandton Medi- Clinic. During the operation became infected with the notorious Hospital Bug. Two operations later plus ultra expensive antibiotics was eventually cleared of the infection. The infection caused me to lose 28 kg’s, and left me in an extremely debilitated state. I have been attending Biokinetic strengthening classes under Sarah-Jane’s supervision for the last 5 months, and have made very good progress. I highly recommend Sarah. She is both highly skilled and very pleasant.

Dave Heron

After having had numerous problems with my hamstrings my physiotherapist suggested that I see a Biokineticist. She recommended Sarah-Jane Humphry and I made the appointment. I was not sure that anyone could help me seeing that I was 60 years old. Well I could not have been more wrong.

What stood out for me was that Sarah-Jane is intuitive, has great communication skills in terms of getting you to do what is needed, does not allow you to slack off and develops a flexible program to take into account the changes taking place as you progress through the regimen / program that she maps out for you. It was tough but it only took four visits before I started seeing results.


Craig Bregman

A welcoming environment where the healing process is well looked after given the professional calibre and supportive approach of the team.

Robert Giuricich

Biokinetics ensures that I use regular instructions and knowledge gained there from to maintain and improve body fitness, correctly exercise and strengthen weaker areas, thus living as normal a lifestyle as is possible as a senior, and to continue appropriate sporting activities with minimal injury possibilities.

Rita van Nieuwburg

I am 80 years old and have been going twice a week to Biokenetics for several years, i believe that it has greatly helped in keeping up with my fitness and physical well-being.

Margaret and Edouard Lenferna

What can we say, other than as two old codgers, one of 82, that we truly feel that Biokinetics under your guidance certainly helps the two of us to keep reasonably mobile and we hope will make our twilight years a bit more comfortable and keep us more active. Sometimes, especially when it is a 6.30a.m. session in Summer, we feel as if it is just too much, but once there and it is all over we feel truly stimulated and ready to take on the world.

Candice Kropf

I LOVE my exercise. I can’t cope without it. It’s my sanity, my health regulator and helps me fit into my bikini (somewhat). It makes me happy.

I went into this year with a big problem. I had been having years of lower back pain after exercise, due to some sort of lower back disc issue that I can’t fathom to try and explain in normal human language. I had just started running and was IN LOVE with it, training for my first 10km ever and feeling on top of the world. Until my back gave in again and I was back at the Physio in excruciating pain. I was told to give up the running and any sort of impact sports – my lower back just can’t cope with it.

I moaned about it a lot, having a go at all the fat, lazy people who have perfectly healthy spinal discs that don’t want to exercise. A friend suggested I try Biokinetics, after it had helped him when he had been told he’d never run again, and then did.

I walked into the closest Biokinetics centre and decided to give it a go. Sarah-Jane took me on and probably thought I was a little nuts just walking in and saying ‘I have no idea what this is all about, but can you help me run again? She promised that she would. Like it was nothing. ‘Yeah right’ I thought but gave it a try in any case.

It’s been about 9 months of stretching, strengthening, aligning and stabilising. I’ve been doing my exercise programs every day (even the ones I hate) and taken on swimming as my main form of exercise (which I first thought was naff, but started to really enjoy it). Every Biokinetics session assessed my progress and pushed me on at a pace that my body was happy with. It turned out that all my core and back supporting muscles were in essence, not functioning at all, and my injured lower back was taking all the strain – over and over again. We worked on fixing this.

So here is the announcement, ladies and gentlemen, I have just recently been given the go-ahead to start jogging again. This is a huge success. I feel a trillion times stronger than when I first walked into the centre that day, wincing in pain. I’ve had a few jogging sessions already and not one single sign of any pain or distress in my back. It feels incredible and I have no doubt that I will be running again very soon – something I didn’t think I would ever do again.

It’s amazing what your body can achieve with patience, hard work and the right professional guiding you.

I still can’t actually tell you what Biokinetics is (it’s such a silly word), but I can tell you that Humphry and Healey Biokinetics have helped me so tremendously with my injury that I would suggest every single one of you go and see them if you have a sports or movement related issue.