Rehabilitation and Wellness Through Movement
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Margaret and Edouard Lenferna

What can we say, other than as two old codgers, one of 82, that we truly feel that Biokinetics under your guidance certainly helps the two of us to keep reasonably mobile and we hope will make our twilight years a bit more comfortable and keep us more active. Sometimes, especially when it is a 6.30a.m. session in Summer, we feel as if it is just too much, but once there and it is all over

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Dave Heron

After having had numerous problems with my hamstrings my physiotherapist suggested that I see a Biokineticist. She recommended Sarah-Jane Humphry and I made the appointment. I was not sure that anyone could help me seeing that I was 60 years old. Well I could not have been more wrong.

What stood out for me was that Sarah-Jane is intuitive, has great communication skills in terms of

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Candice Kropf

I LOVE my exercise. I can’t cope without it. It’s my sanity, my health regulator and helps me fit into my bikini (somewhat). It makes me happy. I went into this year with a big problem. I had been having years of lower back pain after exercise, due to some sort of lower back disc issue that I can’t fathom to try and explain in normal human language.

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