What Is Biokinetics?

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Biokineticist is a specialized exercise therapist that prescribes through individual assessment and testing, medically and scientifically based exercise.

Biokinetics is a profession which uses physical activity, specific exercise and movement as a therapeutic modality in order to prevent injury, poor health, improve physical condition and quality of life. Biokinetics includes the “final phase” of rehabilitation to allow individuals to function optimally whether it be functional activities such as gardening or returning to competitive sport after various orthopaedic injuries, cardiac or chronic diseases.

Each patient undergoes a thorough assessment conducted by a Biokineticist. Based on the findings, a rehabilitation program is then designed in order to meet each individuals needs and to address the problematic areas hindering ones well-being.
A Biokineticist will focus on correcting the cause of the individual’s condition rather than just treating the symptoms.  This is done in order to prevent the condition from reoccurring.