Lean-Mari Rossouw

Lean-Mari completed her BA Human Movement Science degree (Cum Laude) in 2015 at the University of Pretoria. The following year she completed her BA Honours (Biokinetics) (Cum Laude), also at the University of Pretoria. She completed her BASI Pilates Mat course in 2015. She has also completed the Fit4Two training course for pre- and post-natal exercise classes.

Lean-Mari’s interest lies in special populations. She enjoys working with everyone from stroke patients to autistic patients, pregnant ladies to the elderly. On the orthopaedic side Lean-Mari likes working with back, knee and shoulder injuries.

Lean-Mari has a heart for people, with a specific focus on victims of circumstances and getting them mobile again. Her goal is to not only get people moving but to get them moving well. And thus, improving quality of life.